"Cocktail Party Animal" Sues Bar For Serving Him Booze & Severing His Finger While Bouncing Him

If your lawyer calls you a “cocktail party animal” and you previously downed seven alcoholic drinks at a bar before waltzing into another bar, where they serve you the booze you ordered but then kick you out, accidentally severing your pinkie finger in the process should you sue said bar? Okay, hold up. Rhetorical situation aside? A Washington D.C. man is doing just that — suing a bar for loss of pinkie after feeding him drinks he asked for. Oh, the world we live in.

No, it’s not nice to get your finger cut off. But it’s a tricky situation, reports the Washington Post. See, the man who filed the civil lawsuit seeking $500,000 is what’s known as a “cocktail party animal,” says his attorney. He’d been guzzling drinks way before he walked into the bar he’s suing, and proceeded to order a beer for himself and a friend, along with three shots of vodka with Red Bull.

His lawyer claims the bar was negligent in over-serving him, because then oh look at that, he got drunk and they had to throw him out after all that booze. While he was being bounced, his finger was allegedly slammed in the bar door, cutting off his pinkie finger. The man’s attorney says the bouncers “didn’t do anything” when the bloodied finger fell into the well of the door. Eww.

As doctors couldn’t sew the finger back on (again, eww bloody finger), the man is suing for medical expenses, loss of earnings, permanent disability, lost employment opportunity and permanent disfigurement. Not to mention that total buzzkill.

We can see why he’s mad — you give anyone three shots on top of eight other drinks and then oh, hey, suddenly he’s drunk and you’ve got to throw him out, surprise surprise. But also, ordering those drinks in the first place isn’t a great idea.

Popular Georgetown bar sued for assault, negligence [Washington Post]

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