City Attorney Using That Song Everyone Knows To Call Attention To Payday Loan Settlement

If there’s some possible way you’ve avoided hearing that pop song where the girl is like hey perhaps you should ring me on the telephone (paraphrasing so as not to unintentionally force you to get it in your head), then we applaud you on your success. But because it seems most of the country, if not the galaxy has heard it, it makes sense that the city attorney for San Francisco is trying to use the song’s popularity in order to spread the word to potential claimants about a recent payday loan settlement.

The City Attorney’s office reached a settlement in a 2007 lawsuit that claimed customers had been scammed by short-term payday loans at Money Mart locations, but the attorney is concerned that there are people out there who haven’t filed a claim. The deadline to do so is October 1, so he’s put together a YouTube video he hopes will help him get the word out.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure we publicize the settlement we reached with Money Mart so we can reach the maximum number of potential claimants who might be entitled to a refund of between $20-1,800 from a $7.5 million restitution fund,” he tells CBS San Francisco.

If you’re ready to hear lyrics like “Hey, you just scammed me!/So here’s the number/pay me maybe,” (get it now?) see below.

If you think you could be eligible to file a claim, call the City Attorney’s Money Mart Settlement Hotline at (866) 497-5497.

SF City Attorney Uses ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody To Reach Claimants [CBS San Francisco]

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