City Attorney Using That Song Everyone Knows To Call Attention To Payday Loan Settlement

If there’s some possible way you’ve avoided hearing that pop song where the girl is like hey perhaps you should ring me on the telephone (paraphrasing so as not to unintentionally force you to get it in your head), then we applaud you on your success. But because it seems most of the country, if not the galaxy has heard it, it makes sense that the city attorney for San Francisco is trying to use the song’s popularity in order to spread the word to potential claimants about a recent payday loan settlement.

The City Attorney’s office reached a settlement in a 2007 lawsuit that claimed customers had been scammed by short-term payday loans at Money Mart locations, but the attorney is concerned that there are people out there who haven’t filed a claim. The deadline to do so is October 1, so he’s put together a YouTube video he hopes will help him get the word out.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure we publicize the settlement we reached with Money Mart so we can reach the maximum number of potential claimants who might be entitled to a refund of between $20-1,800 from a $7.5 million restitution fund,” he tells CBS San Francisco.

If you’re ready to hear lyrics like “Hey, you just scammed me!/So here’s the number/pay me maybe,” (get it now?) see below.

If you think you could be eligible to file a claim, call the City Attorney’s Money Mart Settlement Hotline at (866) 497-5497.

SF City Attorney Uses ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody To Reach Claimants [CBS San Francisco]


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  1. Marlin says:

    Oh I thought it was going to be 867-5309…

    8675309!!!! JENNY JENNY!!! In your head

  2. Delicious Spam is delicious says:

    Transylvania 6-5000

  3. who? says:

    It’s too late. As soon as I read the headline, the song popped into my head.

    Damn. It’s still there.

  4. RandomLetters says:

    I was thinking maybe it would be “Call Me” by Blondie. Maybe I should feel old that I have no idea what “Call Me Maybe” sounds like.

    • momoftwokids says:

      Then you also must have missed all the NBC Olympics coverage. One of the swimmers made a video to the song in London and they played that thing over and over and over and over and over until I muted my TV.

      • nbs2 says:

        I really am old. Not only am I still confused about the song (like others, my first thought was 867-5309/Jenny, which is clearly not the case from the YT screencap), but I was too crotchety to watch the Olympics. I caught 30 seconds of the opening ceremonies (just in time for the TARDIS) and some online highlight videos of Bolt’s races, but I had no desire to experience the pop culture nightmare that is American Olympic coverage.

        I’m so old…

        • Southern says:

          Chalk up another who initially thought it was going to be 867-5309.

          I’ve never heard this song, whatever it was. And no, I didn’t watch the Olympics. I typically don’t watch TV unless it’s on Hulu or Netflix, and I don’t watch things like sports under any circumstances (including the Superbowl. Last one I saw was probably back in 1995 or something).

          • momoftwokids says:

            I am also double slammed in that my six year old daughter loves this song and plays it over and over and over on her mp player – without headphones.

      • RandomLetters says:

        I watched very little of the Olympics. Mainly only what was on in the resturant I happened to be eating in that day was playing. But pop is not my genre. I’m much happier listening to any style of rock.

    • waitetr says:

      Can’t say I know the real song but am at least familiar w/the sesame street version,

  5. Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

    Hey this song’s catchy
    But drives me crazy
    So play another song
    Some GANGNAM, maybe?

  6. Sean says:

    Everytime that stupid song comes on the radio I always turn it off.

  7. Dave on bass says:

    I managed to avoid hearing that song for a good long while. It’s not as bad as I imagined it would be from the reactions.

    I’m imagining this version is worse, in that endearing ‘aww, poor thing’ kind of way.

    That said, I’ve still never heard ‘Friday’, which apparently makes me one of the luckiest people ever, and just heard Gangnam Style for the first time on Sunday – that one’s surprisingly palatable.

    • nbs2 says:

      It’s a song? I thought it was just some dance move or something and it’s funny because really old people are getting into it as well. Just not old people.

  8. WarriorWife says:

    I’m pretty impressed with the lyrics, actually. It could have been really terrible. As far as parodies go, it’s not so bad.

    But please make this song stop.

    Also, I haven’t lived in the Birmingham-metro area in ten years but I still remember: CALL GOLDBERG 800 600 6014.


  9. Quake 'n' Shake says:

    Ha! I’ve still somehow never heard that song. Kiss my ass bitches!

  10. PBallRaven says:

    Nope. Never heard it.

    • DemosCat says:

      Guess I’m one of the few people in the galaxy who has no clue about the song. No, didn’t have time to watch much of the Olympics either.

  11. axolotl says:

    Hey guys, just popped in to let you all know that I haven’t heard this song before.
    Welp, see you later!

  12. ovalseven says:

    Maybe the dude who broke Taylor Swift’s heart could call up Carly Ray Jepsen and end our misery already.

  13. miker28 says:

    Mr. Herrera if you ever run for president let me know.