Would You Entrust The Safety Of Your Online Information To A Wave Of The Hand?

The future is here, folks. Soon it’ll be just like we imagined as kids — holodecks, computers as thin as thin can be and there better be some hovercrafts arriving soon. But even as technology marches on, there are certain things we might feel a little bit squirrelly about doing away with. Like our online passwords, which are pesky to remember but ultimately safeguard all our online information. Intel is banking on our annoyance with keeping track of passwords with its new tablet software that grants access via a biometric sensors.

In other words, all you’ll have to do is wave your hand in front of the screen, and the sensor will be able to recognize your palm prints, reports Reuters. Science!

“The problem with passwords — we use too many of them, their rules are complex, and they differ for different websites,” sad the director of security research at Intel Labs of the new prototype. “There is a way out of it, and biometrics is an option.”

Once you’ve been recognized by a device, it can then tell all your online bank accounts, social networks and anywhere else you might usually use a password that you’re the real deal.

“We plan to work with service providers to take full advantage of this,” he added.

Sure it sounds all high-tech and fancy, but we’ve all seen those sci-fi movies where the good guys simply take out the bad guys and use their lifeless hands to gain access to whatever secret area they’re not supposed to enter. So we want to know…

With the wave of a hand, Intel wants to do away with passwords [Reuters]

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