Cat's Plan To Rid The World Of Mickey Mouse Leads Him To Stow Away In Suitcase For 10 Hours

If the rest of my family was taking off for a vacation to Disney World and I wasn’t allowed to go, I’d be terribly put out. But I am not a cat, and so unlike one Bob-bob of Ohio, I can’t climb inside my owner’s suitcase and show up in Florida anyway. Bob-bob’s recent journey took 10 hours, at the end of which his owner was a bit surprised to see him pop out of the luggage.

The Ohio woman was busy making final preparations for the trip she was leading for a group of 18 disabled veterans — confirming flight and hotel reservations and making sure someone would be there to take care of her six pets while she was away.

But apparently Bob-bob had other ideas about this whole “leave the pets at home” situation, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Perhaps now was the time to finally strike at that giant pest, Mickey, eh?

Right before the group left, the man in charge of handling all their bags thought he saw something move but figured it the long night of packing was just messing with his vision and put it with the rest of the baggage.

“This was the last bag I grabbed,” he said of the green suitcase. “… [S]omehow it got zipped up.”

Cut to 10 hours later as the group is relaxing at the hotel near Disney. The green suitcase is unzipped and hey, there’s Bob-bob! The little guy was a bit wobbly from his journey but purring nonetheless.

The group flew through Port Columbus International Airport and somehow the kitty’s presence wasn’t detected by the Transportation Security Administration. They’re on the watch for danger but not felines, it would seem.

“Our machines are very sensitive to picking up explosives and other threats to aviation,” said a TSA spokeswoman.

But stowaway cats? They get a free ride to the Happiest Place on Earth. Watch your back, Mickey.

*Note: Pictured cat is not Bob-bob. Sorry.

Purr-fect stowaway: Bob-bob arrives at Disney after 10 hours in suitcase [Orlando Sentinel]

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