Lowe's: Where Fuzzy Math Stings Like A Wasp

How much bug spray does one household need? Wasp stings hurt, so it’s a good idea to stay protected. Even if buying a two-pack costs more than buying two individual cans. You know, safety. And volume pricing. Important things.

Usually examples of “fuzzy math” are off by a few cents. This one really stings because you could almost buy three cans for what Lowe’s is charging for two cans and a bit of shrink wrap.

(Thanks to Scott for spotting this in a Lowe’s in New York.)


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    It’s a value… to Lowe’s.

  2. dolemite says:

    It would be a good deal if there were 4 in that pack. The $1.48 seems like a very low price for a big can of insecticide. Maybe that’s a pricing error.

  3. PragmaticGuy says:

    Not defending Lowe’s but is it possible it’s a four pack?

  4. redspeed says:

    “you could almost buy three cans for what Lowe’s is charging for two cans and a bit of shrink wrap”

    Even consumerist has fuzzy math. “Almost” doesnt work- 3 cans of the $1.48 ones come out to $4.44 which is a lot less than $5.47 for the two pack…

  5. Sarek says:

    Shouldn’t this be “buzzy math”?

  6. Stormwalker says:

    I was just in a Lowe’s earlier this week to buy a can of wasp killer and bought this very product. However, the Lowe’s I was at had a purple sale sign for the $1.48 price, regular price was higher. And no, the 2 pack was not on sale.

  7. terrillja says:

    Oh, I have seen this a lot of times at lowes, I think that the plumbing dept is the worst culprit. The 5′ 4″ pipe should be less than the cost of the 10′ 4″. Not so in Lowes magical pricing. Same thing for getting 3/4″ vs 1 1/2″ iron pipe. Figured I only neded the 3/4″ to stake out a tree, but with 1 1/2″ being less $$, why the hell not get the bigger stuff!?

  8. ReverendTed says:

    I saw this same type of issue with a combo pack of air filters at Lowes a few months ago.

  9. Blueskylaw says:

    There is a distinct difference between these two cans. One kills on
    contact and the other shoots “up to” 27 feet (with a jet spray no less).