Chase Customers: Did The Bank Ever Re-Open Your Closed Account?

Over the lifetime of Consumerist, we’ve written a number of stories about so-called zombie bank accounts, where a consumer finds out their closed account has been re-opened without their knowledge or approval, usually after some third party attempts to make a direct deposit or debit on the dead account. If you were a Chase bank customer and your account was resurrected from the grave, we’d like to hear from you.

Bank of America recently pledged to stop creating zombie accounts, and Chase has told our advocacy pals at Consumers Union that it will only re-open a closed account if a customer requests it.

But CU looked at Chase’s terms and conditions and found that the bank still “reserves the right” to re-open a closed account.

So in order to put some pressure on Chase to commit to leaving dead accounts six feet under where they belong, CU is asking people who have had this problem to share their story.

Go HERE to tell Consumers Union about your Chase zombie account ordeal.