Samsung USA Concedes That CEO's E-Mail Address Is Not A State Secret

UPDATE: Samsung has created an e-mail address that will allow people who have exhausted the regular customer service route to reach the company’s executive customer service team.

Earlier today, we told you that a rep for Samsung had asked Consumerist to edit a reader’s comment to redact the name and e-mail address for the President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America. Now it looks like the tech giant has seen that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea and has relented.

Here is the text of an e-mail sent to Consumerist by Samsung North America’s Director of Corporate Communications:

I saw your piece on Samsung this afternoon and want you to know – message received.

I do want to point out though that the email address described in your headline – first two initials, last name at — is not correct. The correct email address as listed in the consumer’s original post, is Would you consider making that correction?

Correction made. Thanks for the clarification.

We have subsequently written back to Samsung asking if the company would be willing to set up a dedicated executive customer service e-mail for customers who have exhausted the usual channels without resolution. Such an address would ideally be monitored by someone with authority to investigate the issue rather than merely dumping it back into the frontline customer service queue.

We are waiting eagerly for their reply.

As always, when sending an Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb, it never hurts to copy on the message. Even if we don’t post your story, the mere inclusion of our e-mail address has helped a number of readers get their issue heard by someone who could actually help them.

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