Do You Always Wait Until You're Eligible To Upgrade Your Phone?

Later today, Apple is slated to introduce its latest iPhone, which inevitably leads to fans of the popular device clamoring for an upgrade while they glare with disappointment at their iPhone 4S, asking “Why did I ever think I could love you?” But will people wait until they are eligible for an upgrade from their wireless carrier, or will they just say “screw it” and pony up some extra cash to have the newest and shiniest phone?

The folks at couponing site and Ipsos Public Affairs have announced the results of a survey which found that nearly 6 out of 10 consumers will not wait until their next upgrade before getting a new phone anyway.

As far as reasons that people switch phones, 13% say it’s because they want the latest and greatest devices; 7% switch devices because they are fed up with their current carrier. Another 13% want to switch operating systems — whether it’s from Android to iOS or vice versa. .

So what are people doing with all these old phones they don’t use anymore?

According to the survey, 25% of respondents claim to recycle their old phones; 17% donate them; 13% trade them in for a new model; 19% pass their old phones onto others, with about 2/3 of those going to children as toys, while the remaining third go to spouses, friends, or family members. About 10% of people say they just toss the old phones in the trash.

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