Shari's Berries Replaces Order Even Though I Screwed Up

A friend of his mother was very kind to Paul’s mom, and he wanted to do something nice for her. He ordered a beautiful and delicious strawberry “rose” bouquet after getting the friend’s address from his mom. She gave him the wrong address, though, and someone four doors down decided to keep some free berries. When he learned about this, Paul went to place a new order. This was his mistake after all. Instead, when he contacted Shari’s berries to ask who signed for the mis-delivered package, they sent out a replacement order to the correct address. For free.

I placed an online order for 1 doz giant strawberries displayed as a Rose Bouquet. I was sending to a friend of my Mom’s who helped her when she needed to get to the emergency room. Mom gave me the wrong address. 4 doors down from the true address. It was delivered on time, and I was notified.

After a week, we discovered the true recipient did not receive it. I contacted Sherri’s Berries to get a delivery confirmation name. I placed a new order because it was certainly my fault. Sherri’s Berries immediately returned my email with info AND refunded my original purchase because it did not get to where it was supposed even though it was my fault.

NOW that is above and upon customer service. Support this great company and shower your friends with some of the sweetest items on the net.


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  1. kranky says:

    Just FYI, it’s spelled “Shari’s Berries”

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    It seems that strawberry roses and not fences make good neighbors.

    • MathMan aka Random Talker says:

      First nomination for Comment of the Day.

    • StarKillerX says:

      Just to play devil’s advocate I have to point out, while one there is a good neighbor there is also one who took a delivery for someone else and kept it.

      • Blueskylaw says:

        I’m sure these things are factored into the price. Even if the neighbor held it for a day while trying to find out who it was really meant for, I, and I’m sure Shari’s wouldn’t give you the wrongly delivered one’s, they would just replace it.

      • TheMansfieldMauler says:

        To be fair, if I got a delivery with the name of someone 4 houses down I would have no idea who it was supposed to be for. I don’t know those peoples’ name.

        I guess the person who received it could have called Shari’s and told them the item was misaddressed, but from the facts in the article it seems that Shari’s would have just told them to keep the delivery and they would deal with a redelivery to the correct address. This is perishable food after all, and to be safe they probably don’t want it to have been handled by whoever and their dog. Better to deliver a new one.

        • theamazingyeah says:

          You wouldn’t have looked at the address? This happens to us with Amazon quite frequently. I don’t know people’s names but I take the time to walk the package down the street. Unless it looks like a “Build Your Own Torture Dungeon” kit…

        • theamazingyeah says:

          Nevermind. I misread. You’re right, I don’t know anyone’s name except my next door neighbors. Sad internet world…

      • raitch says:

        Last mother’s day we got a flower arrangement & candy delivery for the woman who used to live here. It was sent by her husband, who clearly knows she doesn’t live here anymore (and I have no idea where they live now). I called the florist who told me to call whatever company they had been ordered from. When I called THEM, they were confused and had no idea how to handle it. I left the arrangement on my front step for a day or two in case they came back to get it but nobody ever called me back or picked it up. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t stealing.

        • RandomLetters says:

          Any item delivered to you in error is yours to keep. Federal law mandates that.

          • kranky says:

            No, that’s not so. What the law says is that if you received unordered merchandise and are billed for it, you don’t have to pay. The law targets companies that simply send you something you never asked for and demands payment for it, so you either have to pay the bill or pay to have it returned.

            It most certainly does not cover misdelivered packages or packages that contain the wrong item.

            • RandomLetters says:

              It most certainly does cover a misdelivered package. It’s been discussed here many times before. And I have no idea why you brought packages containing the wrong item into the discussion but if you received a package you ordered with the wrong item in it and the company refused to send you the right item then it would be a civil matter between you and that company.

              • kranky says:

                Perhaps it has been discussed here many times, but if people believe a package delivered to them by mistake is theirs to keep because the law says you do not have to pay for “unordered merchandise”, they are wrong. That’s not covered by the law. Plain and simple.

        • Red Cat Linux says:

          I use a florist in FL all the time, and they keep addresses on file for the people I normally buy for. They have on occasion read an old address back to me.

          It’s likely that the person filling the order looked at an old address by mistake and that’s how the flowers went to your house.

  3. SkokieGuy says:

    $69.99 for 12 strawberries dipped in chocolate. A ‘bargain’, regularly priced at $89.99.

  4. MickeyMoo says:

    Sounds like someone needs a nastygram in their mailbox – that’s stealing (if the correct name was on the package)

    • MickeyMoo says:

      $70? WTF? Make the usurpers pay it back to Shari’s.

      • 180CS says:

        You know, not everyone knows their neighbors, and the package doesn’t say it was sign on delivery. Moreover, if you examine the specifics of the shipping label for a package before signing for it’s delivery, you have more free time than me. If your USPS/FedEx guy is still standing around by the time you realize the mistake, they have too much free time.

        Now, if it where me, I would try to phone the company. If I wasn’t automatically presented with a phone tree/hold music, odds are the rep would simply say to do what I wanted with the flowers. The cost for expedited return of them would likely cost more than the actual cost the company spends on the flowers, and the lost days of freshness could compermise the companies image for the next recipient of the flowers.

        Also, since when do we automatically decide to charge someone $70 for something that was merely delivered to their address wrongly? Again, the company could have said pitch it, the flowers could already be making their way back via return to sender. In any case, the idea of charging them means that they should also then charge Sharis if they attempt to do the right thing.

  5. Harry Greek says:

    Go to the address you entered and ask for your money from them.

    The service provider went above and beyond what was required of them.

  6. Sky75 says:

    I really don’t get what the people who got them instead where supposed to do – I live in a big apartment complex and don’t know even a fraction of my neighbors. Leave it in the hall and hope that the person it was intended for sees it before it rots? In my experience things like this don’t last long.

  7. STXJK says:

    “Wow, chocolate strawberries, for meeee?”
    “Yes, they were sent to you by a friend.”
    “But I don’t know this person.”
    “Well this is the address on the card.”
    “Oh, well, okay then.”

  8. Span_Wolf says:

    Never ordering from these fruits again, after the stunt they pulled on me with pricing. I don’t know if things have changed, but when I made an order a few years back, at the order conformation screen there was sub-total, then after tax and fees, total. I hit purchase, and get the typical email receipt, with the sub-total, and total listed like before, but then under that a GRAND total, which was another 12 dollars more. What slimes.

  9. nycvibe says:

    they have the best customer service – on two different occasions my recipient wasn’t home and the berries sat outside for a day. Shari’s replaced them for free!! Product is really good as well!