Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Suing Ben & Cherry's Pornos Because, Well, Duh

Perhaps some companies might not mind sharing similar names with a porno series, but when you’re America’s ice cream sweethearts, that’s just not gonna fly. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is suing the company behind “Ben & Cherry’s” X-rated DVDS for besmirching its reputation with its “hardcore pornographic” fare.

Just because the company produces such naughtily-named flavors like Schweddy Balls and Karamel Sutra doesn’t mean it wants to be associated with porn, it seems. Ben & Jerry’s filed a trademark lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, reports the Associated Press, and said that Ben & Cherry’s DVDs are exploitive and tarnishing the ice cream maker’s name.

Beyond marketing the titles and themes of the movies that are based on “well-known and iconic” Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, the suit claims that even the packaging is similar, down to a grazing cow, green grass and big puffy white clouds.

Basically, Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t ever want anyone to confuse or mistake them with pornographic offerings like “Boston Cream Thigh,” ‘’New York Fat & Chunky” and “Peanut Butter D-Cup.” Instead, it wants customers to scoop “Boston Cream Pie,” ‘’New York Super Fudge Chunk” and “Peanut Butter Cup” ice cream without hearing “bow chicka bow bow” in the back of their minds.

And now that I’ve read those porno names, well, I get it. Boston Cream Thigh is never going to leave my brain.

Poor taste? Ben & Jerry’s sours on X-rated ‘Ben & Cherry’s’ and sues over trademark violation [Associated Press]