Just In Time For Labor Day: Christmas Trees At Sears

Michael was wandering a midwestern Sears when he saw it: a small, bright forest in the seasonal section. A shimmering flame-retardant mirage beyond the flimsy plastic appliances. Yes, his local Sears has already put up their Christmas tree display.

“Is it that hard to at least wait until Thanksgiving is over?” he wrote in the caption box of the Consumerist tipster app. At this rate, we’d be happy if we didn’t have to start making Christmas Creep posts until after Halloween.


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  1. jeffpiatt says:

    currently it seems to be practice to put up all of the seasonal display items as they come in holoween and thanksgiving have less stuff than x-mas so they fill the space with christmas stuff wile keeping out the left over back to school and summer stuff on clearance.

    • PragmaticGuy says:

      I guess the creep in the Christmas creep is the store manager. Either that or they had extra room and no other items to put in that space.

  2. Press1forDialTone says:

    I think stores do this, especially at Christmas, because the extra help they hire
    during the holidays do a crummy job at decorating. At least that’s what one
    store manager told me. Personally I can’t wait for Christmas, we can celebrate
    both the birth of Jesus -and- the re-election of our President.

  3. Sarek says:

    Well they want to get all the Christmas sales in that they can before they run out of stock due to their poor logistics planning. (or due to they’ll go out of business before Christmas)

  4. GenXCub says:

    I guess it beats buying appliances at Sears. Do they try to sell you a maintenance contract?

    • Press1forDialTone says:

      Yes they did back in 1996 when I bought my washer and dryer and they
      have inspected and repaired any wrong with either proactively -since them-
      under that contract. They call me every year and make an appointment with
      -me- to inspect the appliances. As a result I have never had to call them
      for anything and the cost of the plan goes down every year I keep the contract.
      When the pair wear out, the plan replaces the appliance at no charge, except
      that the yearly contract fee for the item that was replaced goes back up to
      less than the cost of the item. Works for me.

  5. Condalmo says:

    I wish someone would crowdsource some backlash against this sort of thing. Make a “Map of Shame” and keep track of the offending stores that try to shove Christmas shopping down our throats before Thanksgiving, draining the season of any genuine cheer or novelty. Any store putting up anything Christmas before Thanksgiving gets a peg on the map, and people are discouraged from shopping there. Reward stores that keep Christmas near Christmas time.

  6. thatfunkylady says:

    Michaels had Halloween stuff out by the Fourth of July and Christmas crap hit the shelves by the end of July. Ugh. I can’t think about those holidays while it’s still 100 degrees out!

    • OriginalFiveO says:

      To be fair, Michaels is a craft store, and crafters would be needing that stuff in order to prepare for christmas Sales down the road. In fact, IIRC, crafters should be starting to try to sell their wares around this time.

  7. OriginalFiveO says:

    I knew I should’ve snapped a pic, but I went to a Church Rummage sale where they were selling Christmas goods….in the middle of July.

  8. Professor59 says:

    Just don’t say anything about it, or you are a heathen leading the War on Christmas.

  9. Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

    In the Philippines, Christmas starts when it hits the “-ber” months – September to December. Christmas decors pop up, Christmas songs play everywhere, everything festive. Having grown up there, this is quite mild.

    Then again, Philippines doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and All Saints Day is a somber event, so I guess Christmas is something happy to look forward to.

  10. cheerbearsmiles says:

    Hallmark has their Christmas ornaments out already. They’ve been up since July.