A Chase Bank Teller Makes A Mistake, I Spend The Long Weekend $2,300 Overdrawn

Jason began his holiday weekend with an unpleasant surprise. When he checked his bank account on his iPad, he saw that it was overdrawn. It was overdrawn by a lot. More than two thousand dollars. Jason hadn’t made any huge withdrawals from his account, and neither had any other authorized person. Was he the victim of identity theft? Fraud? ATM skimmers? How could someone take out money that wasn’t there? It turns out that it was quite easy: it just required a one-digit error in the account number.

Warning: Jason’s e-mail to Consumerist contains copious rage-induced use of the F word. When you read what happened, you might understand why.

So here is how my 3 day weekend kicks off getting fucked over. I look at my iPad in the morning and I see my chase account is overdrawn by -$2,3xx.xxx. I call Chase’s 800 number speak to a rep. From what I was told the slip they have on file shows that 1 number is off from the account number. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?

Did the teller did not check the name on the account? Let’s not mention the withdraw amount wasn’t even available. Also what manager approved the withdrawal when the funds weren’t a available and also why didn’t the manager check the name on the account to match with the slip.

I have been in the phone with Chase bank all day and they cannot issue me a refund as I have to wait 48 for the refund to hit. This is your fault chase and your telling me I have to wait 48hrs? This is fucking insane. Now if I have an emergency I have no access to my money whatsoever because I have no fucking money!!!!

We didn’t hear from Jason that he had experienced a catastrophic emergency. That’s no excuse for a teller at a Chase branch somewhere to go handing out thousands of dollars’ worth of his money that isn’t even in his account to strangers, though. Aren’t 21st-century banks set up specifically to avoid this kind of mess?

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