No, Trojan Isn't Giving Away Hot Dogs On The Streets Of NYC: Those Are Vibrators

Lest you think that bright purple cart and the objects being handed out willy nilly on the streets of New York have anything to do with hot dogs, we’re here to warn you — Trojan is not the food business, it’s in the business of getting you to buy its vibrators. That’s why the company will be handing out 10,000 of its Trojan Vibrations vibrators on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Again, not hot dogs. Sex toys. Get it right.

Street teams will be doling out the goods with lines like “Getcha vibes here!” and “Relish the moment,” playing up that hot dog that is not a hot dog idea, reports the New York Times. Customers will get either a Tri-Phoria or the Pulse, costing the company about $350,000 in total to give the toys away.

If you find yourself sort of kind of wondering where the carts will be roaming, their locations will be updated on Trojan Vibrations’ Facebook page. Just in case you’re maybe curious.

Trojan is calling these items “almost like a gateway product” for reducing any stigma surrounding sex toys, as they can be purchased in drug stores and not just in sex shops or online.

“What we’re doing is taking something like a hot dog cart that is so everyday and so mainstream,” said Trojan’s vice president of marketing, “and we’re showing people that vibrators are mainstream.”

According to studies financed by Trojan and published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 52.5 percent of women and 44.8 percent of men have used vibrators. Contrary to perceptions that they are used nearly exclusively by the unaccompanied, 40.9 percent of women and 40.5 percent of men report having used them with sexual partners.

See, doubters? All the cool kids are doing it!

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