Handy Video Explains Exactly How To Opt Out Of Olive Garden's Invasive Unlimited Breadsticks Program

As consumers, we value our personal space and carefully guard the right to make our own choices. So perhaps Olive Garden’s tactic of offering unlimited breadsticks to whoever happens to walk through its doors could be seen as invasive to some diners. In a handy video from The Onion discussing exactly how to opt out of the breadsticks program, we learn how to say no to the Olive Garden and its blatantly pro-bread agenda.

Drew Cleary goes after the issue in a new troublehack video, addressing various reader complaints. He notes that “a lot of you are riled up” about the indignity of being served so much bread.

Cleary notes by way of introducing the issue:

“For those of you don’t know, as soon as you enter an Olive Garden, you’re automatically enrolled in their bottomless breadsticks bowl. They don’t ask if you want it, they just give it to you. And they make it kind of difficult for you to get out of the program. Now, I like breadsticks but I’m just a little uncomfortable about being added to some list that serves me bread forever without my express permission.”

For tips on how to make sure you don’t fall victim to this free breadsticks scheme and gain back your independence as an individual diner with free will, check out the video below.

Opt Out Of Olive Garden’s Bread Bowl, It’s Your Right [The Onion]

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