Pranksters Prey On The General Public's Love Of All Things Apple By Pretending To Drop iMacs

Spoiler alert: There aren’t any actual iMacs being dropped in this video, so unlike the unwitting bystanders who witnessed these pranks in person, there’s no need to gasp. But you might feel a giggle come on watching pranksters from Awesomeness TV shocking strangers by tossing around iMac boxes on the street.

We can only imagine, as a general love of Apple seems to be quite pervasive in our country, how horrified these onlookers must have felt to see precious boxes of beautifully designed electronics go crashing, clunking and otherwise crunching to their deaths at the hands of their apparently oblivious handlers.

Check out the video from Awesomness TV’s YouTube channel (via Laughing Squid) below, and remember — it isn’t real, and no actual iMacs were harmed in the making of this video. At least, we don’t think any were.

*Thanks for the tip, Mike!

Broken iMac Prank — Randomness [YouTube]

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