Getting Robbed Would Be Worse If Thieves Didn't Leave You With Bus Fare

If common decency was as common as it should be, people wouldn’t be going around robbing each other in the first place. But there’s at least enough good human feelings floating in the air to give thieves pause after mugging a man at gunpoint and ask the victim if he had a way to get home.

The Dayton Daily News says a man was robbed at gunpoint at a city bus stop yesterday morning by two men. He surrendered the $40 in cash he had as well as his phone. He kinda had to, as one of the men had a .22-caliber handgun against his head at the time.

Cops say the victim  told him the men then ran away, but not until of the robbers stopped to ask the man they’d just robbed if he had enough money left to take the bus he’d been waiting for. He said no, and the suspect handed back $2 to make fare.

While it’s not exactly warm fuzzy-inducing, it’s better than nothing.

Robbers take man’s cash, but leave bus fare [Dayton Daily News]

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