Pizza Hut Malaysia Says All You Need To Get A Marriage Proposal Is Squirty-Crust Pizza

(Pizza Hut Malaysia)

Oh, Pizza Hut Malaysia. Would that you existed in the United States, and then we could enter this very special one-two-punch ad campaign of yours in our Worst Ad In America contest. That’s not meant to be, but we can still take a look at your odd advertising tactics for the seemingly innocent Super Pan Pizza, the food that will totally coincide with a lady getting an offer of marriage.

We say seemingly innocent, because one glance at the gush of “cheese and garlic napoli” sauce flying with great force from the crust of the pizza in the still ad is terrifying. It’s got to be hot, and it’s going to hurt when it comes into contact with your skin.

But then there’s the romantic side of this horrifying pizza. Ah yes, here we have a tableau just waiting for love to show up and offer a ring. A woman eating Super Pan Pizza is just so happy biting into her oozing crust, nothing could be better… unless her beau decides to put a ring on it, in which case she can show all her Pizza Pals. Thanks for the lifetime of pizza-eating happiness together that will surely occur now, Pizza Hut!

Unlike some other foreign Pizza Hut offerings that we’d jump at the chance to try, well, this one would definitely be a pass. Molten cheese and sauce flying every which way is just too scary.

*Thanks for the tip, Andrew!

Pizza Hut Malaysia Super Pan Pizza Looks Rather Unappetizing [Huffington Post]

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