You've Gotta Fight For Your Right To Make Vaguely Naughty Jokes On A License Plate

Listen New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division, just because your dirty mind is taking a simple inside joke to a scandalous place doesn’t mean one man is about to give up on his ideal license plate. His plate reading “IB6UB9” (we’ll wait while you figure it out… got it? Great.) was recently revoked because the MVD says it’s obscene.

“If something is obscene or profanity, we have no place for it in New Mexico,” an official with the Taxation and Revenue Department Secretary tells KOAT News.

But hold on a gosh darned minute, says the man — he’s just making an inside joke about a night at a casino he and his friend had. That doesn’t matter to New Mexico, as the state says there have been enough complaints about the plate to cancel it. Conveniently enough, none of those complaints were in writing or recorded.

The man’s lawyer claims the plate isn’t obscene as defined by the U.S. constitution because it isn’t intolerable. He argues that if the numbers 6 and 9 were really obscene when in proximity to each other, then anything from sports jerseys to the price of produce would have to also be deemed obscene.

“If you allow the government to start chipping away at our constitutional rights, it can have more serious implications in the future,” said the man’s attorney, adding that his client feels “bullied” by the MVD.

He’s now appealing the decision and has been forced to use plain old vanilla, state-approved license plates. Where’s the fun in that?

*Thanks for coming through yet again, Harper!

Man fights for controversial license plate back [KOAT News]

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