No One At Buffalo Wings & Rings Knows How To Give A Refund

Michael had a gift card to Buffalo Wings & Rings to use up. His balance was less than a dollar under what he spent on his meal, but he put the remainder on a debit card anyway. Sure, handing over a dollar would have saved him some time in the end, but he had no way to know in advance that the employees of this particular outpost of the chain were all incompetent. When the waitress accidentally ran the entire balance on a credit card, she shrugged and made it Michael’s problem. She didn’t know how to reverse a charge. Guess he’d have to come back and use the gift card another time.

I went to this restaraunt yesterday to use the gift card I received. The card had 12.27 remaning on the balance. My order total was 13.10. After using the gift card to pay the 12.27 I handed my debit card to the waitress to pay the remaining .83 cents. She then proceeds to bring me back a receipt showing she ran the card for the full amount again. Upon notifying her of this she simply responded, “I dont know how to fix it,” and walked away.

I had to track her down and again inform her that she had charge me twice for my meal. She again says she did not know how to fix it but would get the manager. I proceed to sit down and await the manager’s arrival to tell me how he was going to fix this. He never once approached me and after waiting nearly 20 minutes I had to go track him down at his location standing at the cash register with my debit card fumbling around trying to refund my money. I asked him at that point if he was fixing the over charge and his reply was the same as the waitress a simple “I dont know how to do this.”

By this point I was beyond frustrated and replied telling him he needs to figure it out quickly. His answer then was to hand me my receipt showing the charge for the gift card and tell me he will fix it later I can go ahead and go. This was not acceptable to me and I advised him as such. At this point he informs me that he has never had to do this process and is not familiar with how to refund a credit card transaction. About five minutes later I am handed a receipt showing he totaled my order out to zero and told that the credit cards do not charge til 4 am anyway so I would see no charge on my bank statement. I was then told if it wasnt fixed to call back with no mention of his name or anything else other than he was the manager.

I have several issues with this. First of all, the general lack of concern from all parties involved upon being told I had been charged twice is completely unacceptable. Upon being informed of this the manager should have approached me with a solution not the other way around. I should not have to go on a scavenger hunt thru the establishment to track down the manager and ensure he completes the refund. Second how does the manager on duty not understand a process as simple as refunding a credit card transaction? If the card transactions do not process until 4 am and this is the fix why did he not just go this route in the first place before wasting 20 minutes of my time? Finally his answer to just call later if this doesnt work is not acceptable as all I have at this point is a receipt showing where I was charged and my word versus his. Not real secure backup if I do need to secure a refund.

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