Tenant Says Doggie DNA Program Hasn't Helped Curb Poo Problem

As we mentioned yesterday, more condo associations are turning to mandatory DNA testing for dogs in an attempt to rein in an apparent rampant poop problem in this country. But one tenant at a complex that is trying such a program says it hasn’t done anything to stop the fecal madness.

Dave, who tipped us off earlier this year to the doggie DNA program at his condo complex in Virginia, tells Consumerist that “nothing changed in the amount of dog feces left behind. In fact, I think I see more of it now.”

He believes that the people who aren’t picking up the dumped doggie diamonds are the same people who never registered their pets with the condo association to begin with.

And even if these offenders had registered their pups, it might not matter. Dave says the two DNA tests that have been done on left-behind poo have come back as contaminated and unreliable.

“This is after we incurred the charge for the test, and also had the condo association fees raised to pay for the cleanup,” he tells Consumerist.

And yet, say tenants, in spite of the .000 batting average on the DNA testing, at a recent board meeting, the program was touted as a success.

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