New Mexico Store Selling "Meth Candy" Inspired By 'Breaking Bad' Says It's Just Sugar, Relax

It seems like everyone we know is totally addicted to Breaking Bad (pun very much intended) the show about — spoiler alert — cooking methamphetamine, a very illegal and dangerous drug. Almost universal fandom aside, selling blue crystal “meth candy” at a sweet shop might not go over so well.

The owner of a small sweet shop in Albuquerque says she’s playing off the hit show with her blocks of sugar, and that she’s even supplied the fake stuff to look like the real thing on the TV show in previous seasons reports the Associated Press.

A spokesman for the state’s Human Service Department says state officials support small businesses, those running them should be aware of the state’s drug complaints. So far, the owner says no one has complained.

She’s used to criticism, after causing a bit of a controversy 30 years ago for “X-rated candy” that drew the ire of an evangelical church.

It seems she can handle the heat, however, and will be staying in the candy kitchen for anyone who wants to just pretend they’re cooking with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.

NM shop sells ‘meth candy’ to honor ‘Breaking Bad’ [Associated Press]


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