I Like Kohl's, But I Hate Torrents Of Junk Mail

D. likes Kohl’s, but hates junk mail. Kohl’s has taken to sending her cascades of junk mail. Coupons are fine and all, but print coupons once a week or more often? No, thanks, says D.

She writes:

I’m a long time Kohls shopper and one of the things I used to like about them is that they don’t send you junk mail. That changed 1-2 years ago. I keep getting coupons and offers in my name from them in my mailbox often weekly. Multiple attempts to ask them to stop have failed. I’ve even written them a letter and sent it to their headquarters a year ago.

While it’s a small matter, any legitimate company should at least try to honor their users’ privacy. In frustration, I’ve cleared out all the personal information in my Kohls online account and replaced my name with the initials “S N”. Sure enough, I still get junk mail, but for “S N” now.
Guess it’s time to change my account name to “F*CK KOHLS” and forget the matter entirely.

If you really, really want those coupons to go away forever, there’s a way. It’s the nuclear option, not to be abused and to be avoided if you ever want to hear from Kohl’s again. It’s called a prohibitory order.

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