I Sent eBay Buyer A Pair Of Sunglasses, They Sent Me Back A Brick

Someone bought a pair of sunglasses from Nataly on eBay. That happens. Usually it’s a good thing. The problem for Nataly was that the buyer claimed to be unhappy and wanted to return the sunglasses, even though she had a strict “no returns” policy. Thanks to eBay’s strict pro-buyer stance, she was ordered to send the customer a refund. In return, they sent her a package back. That package did not contain the sunglasses.

I sold a pair of sunglasses on Ebay and the buyer wanted to return them even though I listed no returns. We exchanged a few heated emails and Ebay ruled that I needed to refund the buyer.

I get a package today and instead of sunglasses there was a brick in the package! I am now out about $100 and Paypal states that I need to refund the buyer within 3 days! The only proof I have is that the original weight of the package was 1lb and the returned package had a weight of [5 lbs] written on it. I know that Ebay is notorious for not caring about sellers but is there anything I can do?

Other than sending proof of that discrepancy and a photo of the brick in to eBay…not really. It’s the company’s marketplace, and their policies, originally designed to protect buyers and instill confidence, have instead been exploited by savvy, scammy customers.

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