Vietnamese Airline Fined $958 For Impromptu In-Air Bikini Show

A Vietnamese airline is in trouble — though not very much trouble — for allowing some beauty contestant passengers parade down the aisle for a few minutes while in mid-flight… and for allowing other passengers to record the show on video.

According to, the “Hawaiian Dance Performance” occurred during an Aug. 3 flight on discount carrier VietJet Air from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang.

And while VietJet is apparently known for its flight attendants’ dance numbers, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam wasn’t too thrilled with a bunch of non-employee dancers clogging up the aisle for a bikini show that “had not been approved by the [CAAV], and thus breached aviation safety and security regulations.”

The CAAV also took issue passengers’ use of phones and other electronic devices to record the show. The fruits of their labor can be seen below.

In all, authorities fined VietJet 20 million Vietnamese dong, or about $958 per the latest exchange rate numbers.

Between this and Air Canada passengers breaking out into a concert while stuck on the tarmac, we’re wondering why fun stuff like this never seems to happen on airlines here in the U.S.

Thanks to David for the tip!

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