The Airport Baggage Carousel Is Not A Good Napping Spot

When you’re sleepy and/or drunk enough, any large flat surface can seem like a pretty nice place to take a nap. In an airport, though, there are some places that you should avoid. Like the raised platform with the conveyor belt on it that says “BAGGAGE CLAIM” above it. Comfy as it may seem, this is not an optimal napping spot. Because it might start moving after you’ve fallen asleep. And take you under an X ray machine. That’s what happened to a Norwegian tourist at Rome’s Fiumicino airport, who took a nap and went for an exciting ride.

He had been drinking, and there was no agent to check him in when he arrived for his flight to Oslo. Why not take a nap, then? Snoozing, he did laps around the carousel for fifteen minutes, traveling back into areas that were supposed to be secure, until someone noticed the form of a human curled up in the fetal position on the monitors.

Officials took him to a hospital in order to check for immediate damage from the suitcase-level exposure to X rays.

Norwegian tourist falls asleep on airport baggage belt [Telegraph]

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