Reebok EasyTone Refund Checks Are In The Mail

Almost a year after Reebok settled with the Federal Trade Commission for $25 million over allegations that it had deceptively advertised its EasyTone sneakers, those checks are finally going out to around 315,000 consumers who registered for refunds.

The Reebok toning shoe ads had made unsubstantiated claims that the footwear somehow strengthened and toned users’ leg and butt muscles more than other sneakers.

According to the FTC, refund amounts will vary depending on how much each person paid for their particular pair of Reeboks, with most people getting back about 87% of the price they listed when filing for the refund.

If you get one of these checks, be sure to deposit ASAP, as the FTC says checks must be cashed on or before November 6, 2012. Anyone with questions can call 1-888-398-5389.

We’re assuming that checks for the much larger $40 million settlement over Skechers Shape-Ups shoes won’t be going out until 2013.


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  1. Press1forDialTone says:

    Remeber the lawyers -always- get paid FIRST.

  2. Jawaka says:

    A 87% refund is a lot better than I’m used to seeing in these kinds of cases.

  3. shutterbug711 says:

    87%? Not $50 per pair of shoes?

  4. LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

    Wonder where our De Beers checks are for that huge diamond settlement. Where’s mah free moneh?!!

  5. Martha Gail says:

    I got my pair for free. How much is 87% of free?

  6. Maticula says:

    Here in Japan, they’re still advertising these with the original claims, and there’s been no mention in the news of the payouts and advertising changes that have happened abroad…

  7. RAEdwards says:

    The shoes may not have worked, but i am going to miss seeing that model on my TV.

  8. erka_tizzy says:

    More like about 70% of the price. Got a check today.