Man Claims He Couldn't Have Called 911 To Ask For A Ride To Get Beer Because He Doesn't Own A Phone

The funny thing about calls that come in to 911 dispatchers? The number you’re calling from is displayed. That’s not new, of course, it’s kind of like caller ID before anyone else had it. So if you call 911 repeatedly and at least once ask for someone to give you a lift to pick up some brews, claiming later that you don’t have a phone isn’t going to fly with cops.

Police say they showed up to a 67-year-old man’s home in Tennessee after he had dialed 911 at least nine times in a day. Although many of those calls were hang-ups, cops claim he asked the dispatcher if he could get a ride to buy beer at least once.

Instead of picking him up for a run to the liquor store, officers showed up at his home to give him a stern talking to about abusing 911. He denied he’d done anything wrong, reports The Columbia Daily Herald, claiming he didn’t even own a phone.

“I tried to tell him that if he cooperated, he would have just been issued a citation. But we knew if he wasn’t arrested, he wasn’t going to stop,” an officer said.

He got  ride to jail and was charged with aggravated 911 calls in a non-emergency situation . It’s unknown at this time whether or not anyone ever gave him a ride for the beer errand.

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Man jailed for misusing 911 [The Columbia Daily Herald]

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