Sears Recalls Dehumidifiers Because Fire Is Not A Safe Dehumidification Method

Yes, it’s a story about a Sears appliance, but not about its misdelivery or problems with getting it repaired. Well, sort of. If you bought a Kenmore-branded dehumidifier from Sears or from Kmart between 2003 or 2009, unplug it right away and get in touch with the company. More than a hundred overheating units have been reported to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and some have caught fire or melted.

Here are the recalled model numbers:

35-pint (2004) – 580.54351400
50-pint (2003) – 580.53509300
70-pint (2003) – 580.53701300
70-pint (2004) – 580.54701400
70-pint (2005) – 580.54701500

If you have an affected model, you’ll get a gift card to Sears or to Kmart and a coupon for $25 off another dehumidifier. You know, because you’ll be so keen to buy another dehumidifier from Kenmore right away.

Sears Recalls Kenmore® Dehumidifiers Due to Fire and Burn Hazards [CPSC]
Sears Kenmore® Dehumidifier Recall [Official Site] (Thanks, SirWired!)


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  1. Quirk Sugarplum says:

    It seems the models in question are built by LG Electronics. It also appears that they (LG) recalled some visually-similar models a year ago. See here:

    Did Sears sit on this issue for a year?

  2. BeelzeBob says:

    I had one of these dehumidifiers. It died early on (but out of warranty) so I took it to Sears for repair. They asked me to authorize up to $90, and I did. So my repair cost…$90. It died again the next year (a year being one summer’s operation) and I pitched a fit to the Executive Customer Service people. They gave me a gift card for $100– I argued for cash, but lost. I used the gift card on a new lawnmower, which is still in operation. I will never buy anything from Sears again.

    • BeelzeBob says:

      Forgot to say, I bought another dehumidifier from a local appliance shop. Personal service, no trouble. And it has worked for three years without a repair! Mighty decent of it.

  3. gaya2081 says:

    Ours died last fall during that really rainy period for the NE. Unknown to us it flipped the circuit that ran the outlet our sump pump was plugged into and within 24 hours we had 3 inches of water in our basement. Thankfully it was just used for storage, but we had to throw out a lot of stuff. Not more than 3 weeks later we received a recall notification in the mail. Of course ours was long gone in the trash and they wouldn’t give us anything without a serial number. It smelled quite burnt. We bought a new one from Lowes and it works great!

    • Lyn Torden says:

      They always say on “Ask This Old House” to always plug a sump pump into its own dedicated circuit. Well, at least they did in the episode where the installed one along with a bankup pump at a slighly higher level that run from a big battery that was trickled charged from the AC power.

  4. Bodger says:

    Hey, I had one of those. HAD is the operative word — it lasted not quite as long as the warranty and went off to the big recycling center in the sky long ago. Oh, and it never did work really well either.

  5. Kestris says:

    Dear Sears- Just throw in the towel and call it quits already. Your death throes are getting agonizing to watch.

  6. aleck says:

    Our neighbor’s house had a pretty bad fire a couple of years ago because their dehumidifier overheated. I wonder if it was this model.

  7. aleck says:

    Kenmore – We put the “FIRE” in dehumidifier!!!!

  8. SirWired says:

    This is a stunningly ineffective recall. They are offering neither repairs nor full refunds. You get a coupon and a gift card, which, combined, won’t buy you a new dehumidifier.

  9. SisterMaryPollyEsther says:

    Perhaps I’m punch drunk, but this headline is the funniest thing in days.

  10. Starrion says:

    I have the -1500 70 pint one. I called yesterday. I have to sign up at a website, send in the serial # and the last 3 inches of the cord, and then I get 33% of the value of a 70 pint Dehumidifer back.

    After the Fiasco with a Craftsman lawnmower, I think it is time to shop somewhere other than Sears.

  11. rosalynd99 says:

    I am also part of this recall. We have been using this dehumidifier daily for years and never had a problem. I’m less than pleased with what they are offering. I just can’t believe no repairs and no replacements? Dehumidifiers are expensive and I paid more than double what they are offering for the 70 pint unit. I’ll never shop at sears again!