9-Year-Old Boy Manages Makes $3,400 With Lemonade Stand To Help Out His Hometown Of Detroit

Some children these days aren’t always peddling lemonade just to give their allowances a boost — in fact one Detroit kid sold his wares last week in order to give whatever boost he could to his entire city and pulled in quite a pretty penny for such a young entrepreneur. He managed to sell almost $3,400 from his stand as of last Friday to help Detroit through its financial struggles.

The Detroit Free Press says attention from well-wishers and the media didn’t distract one 9-year-old boy from his mission of selling organic lemonade, fruit punch, water and popcorn since last Monday, with a $1,000 goal set to help his city.

He topped that goal by Wednesday, and moved on past $2,000 on Thursday until Friday’s count of a $3,392.77 profit, with additional donations arriving over the weekend.

Not only has he raised money for his community, but the Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation was paying attention, and announced that it will give the boy a $2,000 scholarship after he graduates from high school if he has a GPA of at least 2.5 at that time. That grant isn’t usually handed out to anyone who isn’t a high school senior.

“Special consideration for a scholarship was given to Joshua because, at such a young age, he is an enterprising civic-minded young man who shares Mrs. Parks’ spirit of service and commitment to building a brighter future in his community,” said the foundation president.

The boy said he’s happy things have worked out so well.

“I’m just getting a lot of support, and that makes me feel good.”

Detroit boy’s desire to help city with his lemonade stand inspires others [Detroit Free Press]


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