T-Mobile Ends Roaming Near My House, Leaves Me With No Service, Shrugs

Matt is a longtime T-Mobile customer. He’s been with them for about seven years, and never really had any problems. Then he spent the Fourth of July weekend at his second home in Michigan, and noticed that he had no phone reception. No bars. Nothing. Normally the T-Mobile phones would switch over and roam on the AT&T network while in the country. He learned that the companies’ roaming agreement in parts of the Midwest ended earlier this year, and that he wouldn’t have any coverage at his second home. Well, okay, that’s a valid reason to get out of his contract, isn’t it? Only if he could get T-Mobile to get back to him.

I have had T-mobile service for approx 7 years and I have 4 phones with them. (Family plan) I live in Chicago and have a second house in SouthWestern Michigan. When I am there at least twice a month it switches to AT&T roaming and EDGE internet speed. My exact address will be included on one of the attachments to this letter.

When I was there for the 4th of July Holiday I noticed none of the phones worked. It showed AT&T network but would not register. I had no phone service at all.

I have contacted T-mobile numerous times about this issue. I am attaching the names and dates of the people I have talked to along with a copy of a text customer support. I have had a tech support ticket pulled and I am alway promised that someone will contact me but no one ever does.

What I did find out is that it appears the roaming agreement between AT&Tand T-mobile expired and there is no plans for renewal in the near future. If you go on T-mobiles website it shows that my area is supposed to be covered by a roaming partner. No one can answer me if there will be upgrades any time soon that will allow me to use my phones.

As you can see I have tried numerous times to get a straight answer and while the people I have talked to have been nice I am still left without service. What are my options? Who can I contact for a straight answer? And since they are no longer providing service in area I frequent a lot is that a breach of my contract?

Well, yes. That seems very unfair. Plus, weren’t AT&T and T-Mobile supposed to have a super-special roaming relationship after their attempted merger failed?

We sent Matt’s e-mail and his other documentation over to T-Mobile’s PR department, and they got him in touch with executive customer service right away. He was let out of his contract. Here’s the statement TMo sent us:

Unfortunately T-Mobile cannot guarantee coverage everywhere. We have been in contact with the customer and explained the situation. As a courtesy, T-Mobile has agreed to waive the early termination fee, if the customer’s phones are returned undamaged. The customer understands and is satisfied with the final solution.

Coverage changes. We get that. But when a customer needs to be let out of his contract, someone should maybe give him a call back without getting our site involved. We have other companies to complain about, too, you know.

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