Sears Delivers Damaged Fridge In Wrong Color, Won't Return Your Calls

J. found our tipline and wrote in, but clearly has not been a regular reader of Consumerist. We make this assumption because he bought a refrigerator from Sears, and assumed for some reason that things would go well. They did not. After the delivery team took off without calling because they were irrationally afraid of his driveway, they returned and dropped off the wrong color refrigerator with a massive crack in the door. Now they won’t answer his pleas for an exchange.

After waiting all day for Sears to deliver my new refrigerator, I decided to call and see where the crew may be. I was told that the driver would not drive up my driveway and I would need to reschedule for the following week. But then I think reschedule, if the first truck couldn’t drive down my driveway how would the second one?

I call my local store and they tell me they would get fixed for me, nice I am thinking and thank them. The next morning I get a call from another person from the local store who was a little rude in telling me that it is out of their hands and I would need to take it up with delivery. I have no choice now but to reschedule since it will take ten days for Sears to return my funds.

By and by, next Tuesday comes and while I was working Sears delivered the refrigerator. My house sitter informs me the color is wrong and the freezer has a crack running the entire width, which was covered up by a sliding divider (odd).

So I call Sears they inform that a completely different department handles returns but they will call me back. I requested the phone number but was refused but I was assured they would call back in a day. Well two days later and nothing.

This is the kicker instead of really resolving my issue they phone agent used it as an opportunity to up-sell me on home repairs. I call the local store one more time and leave a message and still I wait. Well I wish I knew a for sure way to reach some one that could resolve the issue the issue.

Who knew this would be how Sears behaves?

Regular Consumerist readers.

All snark aside, this is terrible. One of our favorite contacts over the years has been the Sears Cares team, which does sometimes manage to care. You can reach them at

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