Family Reunited With Muscle Car Stolen During Foreclosure Wants Bank Of America To Pay For Damages

Remember Aaron and his missing purple muscle car that disappeared after Bank of America sent in a winterizing crew? He’d been storing the car in his late mother’s garage when the crew contracted by BofA showed up to secure the foreclosed house against the elements, and poof — his car was gone. It’s been returned to him now due to the hard work of investigators, and two men have been arrested, but he says Bank of America still isn’t being very helpful.

When the car went missing, Aaron, who had worked on the car with his son Sims, said BofA stonewalled him when he tried to find out more about where his car had gone. Now, he and his son say BofA should be liable for repairs. The car has a blown transmission and rear tires that have been scorched from burnouts, and two men are being held on warrants for receiving stolen property, reports The Telegram-Gazette in Massachusetts.

“The biggest thing for me is Bank of America hired criminals. Don’t they do background checks? This is supposed to be a professional bank,” said the son, as police told them the men who were arrested have criminal records.

Bank of America says it’s not to blame for anything, however. So place your blame elsewhere, guys!

“The arrests will help us complete our investigation and determine the next steps with the vendor,” a Bank of America spokeswoman said in a statement yesterday. “Bank of America placed an order with our contractor to secure the buildings, nothing more. We did not order the removal of the car or any other personal property.”

Right — they are responsible for hiring a crew that allegedly stole a car, which is against the law.

In the meantime, the two men will have to work together again to restore the 1973 Dodge Challenger to its former glory after suffering months of damage while it was away.

“It’s going to take a lot of work,” he added, “but we’ll do it together.”

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