Zagg Full-Body Protection Left My iPod Coated With Perma-Goo

Sure, those clear adhesive protective covers for small gadgets are supposed to last for a long time, but what happens when the film starts to peel and your iPod has plenty of useful life left? Then you do what reader Rob did and peel it off, discovering an unmovable coating of perma-goo on the outside of the device. No solvent can remove it.

Thought you may like to take a look at what happens after Zagg invisible shield products are installed for a few years. I bought the full body protection film for my iPod classic about three years ago. It was peeling so I decided to replace it.

The photo shows the sticky residue left behind. They do advertise “no sticky film left behind after removal”. I’ve tried multiple solvents, orange based as Zagg suggested, alcohol, and Goo Gone Extreme, WD40, and even baby oil. My iPod is essentually ruined. I was an enthusiastic proponent of their products until this experience. As a result Ive removed the newly purchased screen protectors from my wifes and my iPhones. Just wanted to give a heads up to others using, or thinking of using this product.

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