Safeway Says This Tiny Pile Of Sad Chicken Covered In Gloop Is Supposed To Be A Gourmet Meal

We aren’t sure in what world a paltry pile of pale chicken covered in some kind of gelatinous gloop accompanied by a whole lot of rice with bits vaguely resembling vegetables could be considered part of any “Gourmet Club.” But Safeway said its “Safeway Select” branded Orange Chicken meal is fine frozen dining and showed a lovely picture on the package to that effect. Consumerist reader Doug in Seattle sent in evidence to the contrary after he purchased the family pack meal.

Following our request for more food that failed to measure up to the pretty pictures on packaging, Doug submitted his picture of the Orange Chicken in reality shown in stark contrast to the delectable picture on the box.

The packaging describes its contents as “Breaded White Meat Chicken Coated with a Delightful Orange Sauce, Served with a Blend of Rice, Orange and Yellow Carrots, and Edamame,” alongside a photo of what looks to be equal portions of fluffy rice and tantalizing chicken, drizzled in sauce.

Then there’s the real thing, which as Doug puts it, “It looks a lot different in reality.” A few hunks of chicken swimming in yuck, alongside rice with almost unidentifiable bits of colored vegetable-like stuff. And is that really supposed to be enough food to feed a family?

Keep those submissions of packaging vs. food reality coming in to, and see if you can top Doug’s unappetizing experience.

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