Mattel Writes Back To Hot Wheels-Loving Little Girl, Sends Her Free Car Coupon

Rick’s daughter had a question about her toys. She wanted to know why some Hot Wheels cars have drivers, and why some don’t. Instead of just making up an answer or saying that he didn’t know, he sent a quick e-mail to Hot Wheels maker Mattel. They sent her back what was probably a form e-mail, but still surprised and delighted Rick. There was another surprise, too.

My daughter loves toy cars and while playing with some of her Hot
Wheels cars, and she noticed that some cars had drivers and others did
not. She asked me why this was, and since I did not know the answer, I
offered to email Mattel on her behalf. While I fully expected some
type of response back, I was blown away by the quality of the

Hi Hot Wheels Enthusiast Giana!

I’m so glad you contacted us about your question of why some of the
Hot Wheels cars have drivers and some do not. This is a very good

It actually depends on the designer that makes each one, as to whether
they think a driver should be in a particular car or not.

It’s your kind of enthusiasm that keeps us inspired to create toys
that you love, parents value, and we know are made with the highest
standards of design, quality and safety.

As you are probably just starting you collection, I am going to send
you a $5.00 voucher for you to use on your next Mattel or Fisher-Price
purchase! You should receive it in the mail within the next 14
business days!

We will continue to work hard to make sure that you enjoy our products
for years to come!

Keep your eye on the road ahead, because new Hot Wheels® cars are
always just around the corner!

Thanks again,
Robin S.
Mattel Consumer Relations Team

Needless to say, she will only be getting Hot Wheels cars from now

There are few things in this world that are cooler than an adult or a company taking a kid’s question 100% seriously. Sure, that might be Mattel’s job as a toy company, but still. Well done.

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