NBC Makes Viewers Wait For Prime-Time, Still Manages To Spoil U.S. Swimmer’s Big Win Before Event Airs


NBC is already ticking its viewers off by making them wait for prime-time coverage to watch some of the most popular events on TV as well as delaying Internet streams of said events. But it isn’t just the Internet news coverage and social networks fans need to stay away from if they don’t want to have the results revealed before they can watch — turns out NBC found a way to spoil the fun minutes before broadcasting a big swimming moment last night.

Warning — in case you still haven’t watched last night’s swimming events, we’re about to tell you what happened.

Right before NBC was set to air the women’s 100-meter backstroke where U.S. swimmer Missy Franklin won the gold, the network ran a promo for this morning’s Today show featuring none other than gold-medal winner Missy Franklin. But in the land of viewers who abstained from the Internet in order to enjoy the watching experience NBC forced them to wait for, the race she won the gold for hadn’t even happened yet.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the promo announced: “When you’re 17 years old and win your first gold medal, there’s nobody you’d rather share it with,” and showed footage of Franklin standing on the medal stand with her gold medal, as well as reuniting with her parents. Surprise ruined.

So just stay away from the Internet and keep your eyes and ears shut while watching NBC right up until the moment the event starts. Although at this rate, NBC might find a way to spoil the surprise even then.

*Thanks for the tip, Jessica!

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