Saucony Wins Dedicated Customer By Replacing Worn-Out Sneaker Without Hassle

It’s Friday, the Olympics are starting, the sun is shining (though maybe a bit too much for some folks) and well… like we said, it’s Friday. So let’s start the weekend off with a story of a company that looked at a customer’s complaint, dealt with it quickly and without hassle, and earned a loyal supporter in the process.

Ten months ago, Consumerist reader Joshua purchased a pair of Saucony sneakers, in part because his previous pair of Saucony shoes had been so durable.

But after only a few months of casual use, Josh began to notice some fraying along the side of the left shoe.

“It continued to get worse from there,” he tells Consumerist. “By the time I had owned the shoes for 10 months they were unwearable, stepping through the smallest puddle would cause my entire foot to get soaked.”

By this point, he knew he couldn’t return them so Josh figured he would write to Saucony customer service since he’d bought the shoes directly from the company’s online store.

Two days after sending off his e-mail, Saucony replied, apologizing for the unexpected wear and tear. Attached to the e-mail was a form for him to fill out and send back.

“I did just that, and a week later received a call from someone at Saucony asking me to pick a style and color from
their online store and they would send me out a new pair right away!” he writes. “I really didn’t expect the shoes to be replaced 10 months after purchase, or really, to be acknowledged at all, but they took really good care of me. My case was handled without anything being lost, shuffled, or misplaced. One e-mail thread, one phone call, and I am a
happily loyal current and future Saucony customer.”

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