Comcast Launches Marketing Campaign To Get Across What The Heck Xfinity Is

Comcast is a cable company. But what is Xfinity? Initially, we thought it sounded like a great name for a porn company, but it’s actually the brand name of the various products that Comcast offers. Of course, there’s XFINITY Internet. (Yes, they use all caps.) Cable television is XFINITY TV. Home security systems are XFINITY HOME. Phone service is called XFINITY Voice. Despite Comcast spending $640 million in the last two years advertising the brand, experts say that most consumers still don’t really understand what “Xfinity” represents. Their solution? More ads.

Instead of advertising just the offerings of the company’s cable TV or the blazing speed of its Internet connections, the idea of the new spots is to demonstrate how the different products from Comcast interconnect and work together. Here’s an Xfinity commercial that we found on YouTube that appears to be one of those new spots:

Building strong brands is important for cable companies as customers slowly come to realize that they have other, web-streaming options. Customers need to be aware of the brand, and then they need to not hate it.

“The industry is very focused on satisfying the current customer first. You want your current customers to be happy and come back again,” Comcast’s senior vice president of marketing communications told the Wall Street Journal. Well, we could have told you that.

Xfinity? Comcast Sets Out to Explain Bundled Service [Wall Street Journal] (Thanks, Wayne!)

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