Sallie Mae Bank Can’t Write You A Check, Despite Being A Bank And All


Sure, online-only banking is easy and convenient, but there are strange things that happen while the world gets used to this different way of banking. For example: JB received a call from Sallie Mae Bank that they couldn’t send him the balance of his matured certificate of deposit because they don’t have the capability to send checks to customers. Let me again emphasize that they are a bank.

My Sallie Mae Bank CD matured last week. I called them to redeem it,
and after a 16-minute hold, an agent told me they’d mail the check out
to me ASAP.

Today I got a voicemail from another CSR requesting I call them about
the CD. When I returned the call, a CSR told me that SallieMae Bank
can’t mail me a check after all because they can’t write checks. My
choices are bank transfer… or, I guess letting the CD rollover

A bank transfer is no big deal… but isn’t it odd that a *bank*
doesn’t have the ability to write checks? Just askin’.

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