Newegg Loses All Traces Of My Hard Drive Order

Sean bought four identical hard drives from Newegg. These adorable quadruplets went into a new RAID enclosure, but the fourth one wouldn’t fit. It had some impact damage. He returned it to Newegg for a replacement, and learned that (according to them) he had never purchased any such hard drive from them, and he was clearly trying to scam a free hard drive. Which is weird, what with him just ordering this drive from them a few days before.

I’ve been a fan of for 10 years, and have bought thousands of dollars worth of goods from them over that time. However, my most recent order may cause me to stop being a customer forever.

On July 3th, I took advantage of one of their daily deals and bought four Seagate 2TB hard drives for $99.99 each. These were to go in a new RAID enclosure I had purchased the week before.

They arrive a couple of days later, and as I am installing them into the enclosure, one of them won’t fit. I inspect the connector, and it looks like an impact of some sort has damaged the SATA connector, it is dented and the pins are bent.

No problem, I’ll just go through the RMA process. A week later, I get an e-mail from Newegg saying that I have returned the wrong item, that they can’t find any proof that this hard drive ever was in their system, and they were sending it back and not replacing it.
E-mails and a call to customer service gave me the same response. It sounds like they are accusing me of trying to score an extra hard drive, none of this makes any sense. I still have the three other drives, they are identical, and I still have all the original packaging that I got from Newegg. How can they say they have no records of these in their system?

I’d rather Newegg make good on my purchase rather than going through the dispute process with my credit card just on principle, any suggestions you have for getting through to their upper echelon would be greatly appreciated!

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