HTC Incredible Gets Stuck In 2 AM Reboot Loop, Wakes Me Up

There are still a lot of users around with the original HTC Incredible, and many of them need to go out and buy alarm clocks. That’s because a new software update that Verizon just sent out makes their phones go into a freaky reboot loop around 2 AM, wearing down the battery and sometimes locking the phone up entirely. The phone does wake its owner up, though. At 2:00. Reader Joe reports that every night, it makes the DROID startup noise at least once. Loudly. Every time it restarts.

Joe writes:

Verizon recently did an OTA update for the original HTC Incredible that causes the phone to have a number of issues, including going into a reboot loop every day around 2 am. [This forum thread is] just one example of people struggling with the problem without any help from either Verizon or HTC. If you do a quick google search, you will find many more.

In short.. the phone reboots over and over.. always with a loud DROID sound that cannot be disabled. This rebooting sometimes locks the phone up which makes for a very unreliable alarm clock. Also,if the phone is unplugged, the reboot cycle will run the phone’s battery completely down.

Verizon blames HTC. HTC does nothing. Verizon attempts to sucker people into new contracts and early upgrade fees, calls the Incredible (which many of us still have on contract) “too old,” and uses this as an opportunity to get people out of unlimited data plans.

Any help in getting this story out is much appreciated. I’m tired of getting the run around and getting woken up by that damned DROID noise every night.

We’ve found in the past that both Verizon and HTC are receptive to the pleas of customers who reach their higher-up executives using the executive e-mail carpet bomb. Best of luck, Incredible owners. Sleep well.

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