Good To Know: Stripping In The Airport Security Line Is Totally Cool With The Constitution

Do you ever get so angry that you just start tearing off your clothing in public? No? Us either, but one Oregon man was upset enough by Transportation Security Administration measures he found invasive, he stripped down to his birthday suit while in line at Portland’s airport. Luckily for him, a judge thinks that’s just fine.

The Oregon man arrived at the airport on April 17, and says he went nude to protest TSA security measures. While going through the checkpoint, the TSA agent detected nitrates, so the man took off his clothes — all of them.

He faced charges of indecent exposure in court, with prosecutors arguing that if his actions are protected by the First Amendment, then anyone arrested while nude could also claim they were just protesting something.

But despite that argument, the judge found him not guilty, calling his nudity an act of protected speech.

Judge: Man Who Stripped Nude at Airport Not Guilty [Associated Press]

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