Foam Minecraft Pickaxe Shipped Nestled In Foam Peanuts For, Um, Some Reason

Of all of the things likely to be damaged in transit, a foam pickax is pretty low on the list. Sure, it could be torn, folded, or otherwise mangled. But impact damage is pretty unlikely, which is why Hannah found the packaging in which her Minecraft merch shipped so stupid and wasteful that it hurt her brain a little.

She writes:

I ordered a foam pickaxe (from the game Minecraft). When I opened up the box I was actually stunned by the stupidity inside. The box was filled with Styrofoam packing peanuts. In today’s day of environmental consciousness I thought it to be quite wasteful.

However, even ignoring all that, what made someone think that a FOAM item needed damage protection and that if it did, surrounding it by MORE FOAM would provide this protection? The logic is blinding!

Maybe, um, the goal was to give fans the experience of mining through foam peanuts to obtain their mining tools? Yeah, I have no idea.


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  1. Optimistic Prime says:

    I’m not sure why, but a lot of people seem to think packing peanuts and bubble wrap are freaking magical. As the guy who gets to repack broken shipments for a living, I see tons of it and it never works like they think it should.

  2. Demilio says:

    How can you complain about stupidity when you are the one ordering a foam pickaxe (from the game Minecraft) LOL