Make Sure That Mailbox Isn’t Sticky Before Dropping Your Mail Into It

The United States Postal Service has a bit of a phishing scam on its hands in Fort Worth, Texas — or really, it’s almost an actual fishing scam. Scammers are apparently coating the blue standalone USPS mailboxes with adhesive, in order to catch outgoing mail and go through it to get money or personal information.

Residents notified the USPS on Thursday, reports CBS 11, after people noticed the inside of the box’s opening was coated with some kind of adhesive. The local postal inspector says that kind of scam has already resulted in 30 arrests since last October.

A man who lives nearby says he called the USPS when he noticed the sticky stuff.

“I thought it was one of my bills, going out,” he said. “I thought, oh no sticky, and pulled out somebody else’s mail.”

This kind of crime has been popping up across the region, along with another fishing/phishing tactic: Actually shoving something sticky inside the mailbox to try and grab mail and pull it out. The USPS has warned mail carriers of the adhesive, and told them to report it if they find it.

Your niece living in Indianapolis will be disappointed if that $20 doesn’t arrive in time for her birthday, after all, so keep your eyes peeled.

*Thanks for the tip, N.C.!

Local Mailbox Target Of Thieves ‘Phishing” Scam [CBS 11]



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  1. Blueskylaw says:

    It seems that I will get the last laugh out of this situation since the
    Post Office refused to buy my idea of a 100% Teflon mailbox last year.

  2. Red Cat Linux says:

    Am I the only one remembers when people used these boxes all the time, and after dropping in the mail, most people would open up the flap again to make sure the letter went all the way down?

    My grandma would go so far to reach in as far as she could and make sure it wasn’t hung up in there anywhere.

    • El_Fez says:

      Remember when people used to do that? Hell, I *STILL* do that! I double check the Library drop box slot when I return books and always make sure my mail lands in far enough down that someone cant get it.

      • thor79 says:

        I not only do this for mailboxes, but also the motorized Night Deposit box at my bank. I just don’t trust those devices to do their job 100% of the time.

        • SavijMuhdrox says:

          I thought i was the only weird one who still pulled the mailbox open a second (even third..) time to make sure my mail deposited correctly. whew.

    • GearheadGeek says:

      I haven’t seen one of the USPS drop boxes with a flap in years. Maybe there are a few left in downtown business districts or something, but the ones I see in the DFW area just have a slot at end of a “snorkel” for dropping mail into from your car window, more or less exactly like the one in the video.

      I feel better about the fact that I habitually stick my fingers in after the envelope(s) to make sure nothing got stuck, though my rationalization up to now has been that if it gets stuck it might not be discovered for a while, not that someone would steal it.

      • Lennie Patrick says:

        Get out of your car & walk around to the other side of the box, it should have the drop flap.
        I too always flip it 2 or 3 times to make sure it’s fallen all the way in, almost everyone I know does that.
        My mom taught me that ages ago!

        • SavageFTW says:

          I was never taught that, but it is common sense. I do that all the time. Maybe it’s the little OCD side of me coming out.

  3. 180CS says:

    When I lived in Portland, OR a decade ago, EVERYONE knew about this problem. Honestly, I partially blame us as a society for not being more conscious of things like this, and I blame USPS for not having warning labels at the boxes, instructing people to watch out for things like this.

    In fact, it would be pretty easy for USPS to redesign the boxes so mail would fall straight down and still be shielded from the weather….

  4. yankinwaoz says:

    Don’t criminals have they keys to these boxes anyhow?

    This is why I only mail financial items from inside a post office.

    • Ben says:

      The employees at my local post office look pretty sticky, so I don’t think even that’s safe!

  5. PragmaticGuy says:

    There are very few stand alone boxes where I live so I mail everything at the post office. Besides the pick up times are crazy. If I mail it from the box that’s in front of the post office it goes out at 1pm. If I drop it in the box that’s around the corner it doesn’t get picked up until 3pm which means it doesn’t really get out until 5.

  6. incident-man stole my avatar says:

    Used to work at a store in Balwmer where we had a post office box out front and I was warned not to place mail in the box because kids would dump sodas into the box… not to steal anything but just for kicks

    • Red Cat Linux says:

      Bawlmer had the sodas, but NuYawk had cherry bombs. Some neighborhoods, the post boxes slowly started to disappear. In one area where I worked, the box frequently moved.

      Well, frequently for a post box anyway. I’m not sure what the theory behind that was, but for several months it went to the other side of the street, then came back. Like the post office was just trying it out over there for a bit.

      It was bolted down on only the one spot, but not the other. The locals were so weirded out by this that people started to avoid it, much like they would avoid a park bench that had suddenly asking squirrels for the time of day and if it could bum a cigarette off them.

      • George4478 says:

        >>much like they would avoid a park bench that had suddenly asking squirrels for the time of day and if it could bum a cigarette off them.

        This language, while sharing some attributes of English, is not English.

  7. theblackdog says:

    This is why I just drop everything off at the post office itself, that way I know it’s at least in the back room rather than sitting out in a box that can be broken into

  8. mikeami says:

    I can’t remember the last time a mailed a check. I think it was a parking fine a couple years ago, and now you can even pay that online.

    Jesus was a SOCIALIST

  9. Uncle Don says:

    Wait just a minute here…..There’s still a US Post Office??? What do you use it for? I thought they realized that all the “workers” were lazy and the USPS lost money every year and it went out of business. Anyone that still mails anything needs to update their life.