Save Money On Your Wedding By Saying “I Do” On Friday The 13th

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In case you couldn’t tell by all the safes falling from the sky onto people who just slipped on banana peels, today is Friday the 13th. And in spite of all the advances modern culture has made in dispelling superstitions, it looks like marrying couples would rather not start their lives (or at least the next few years) together by saying their vows on this date. This means that bargain-seeking brides and grooms may find some deep discounts… if they’re willing to risk it (insert scary theremin sound here).

Friday weddings have been growing in popularity in recent years, as they generally come cheaper and allow guests an extra day to sleep off the hangover from the reception. But even during the current high season for weddings, fewer couples wed on Friday the 13th.

There will be about 10% fewer weddings today than last Friday — which occurred during many folks’ July 4 holiday — and a whopping 33% fewer weddings than are scheduled for next Friday.

So to keep their businesses steady during these down dates, some wedding services are offering discounts.

A catering service in New Jersey tells ABC it offered discounts of 10-15% for the weddings it is catering today.

On the other end of the spectrum, a couple who had originally — though hesitantly — booked its wedding for Friday the 13th was given a discount when they agreed to move their date to make room for a couple that deliberately wanted to wed on the date.

A company that provides entertainment for receptions says that while it has plenty of client meetings scheduled for today, “It’s very bare in the clubs” where the company plies its trade.

Unless our calendar is lying, the next Friday the 13th isn’t until September 2013, which could be perfect for those who are just putting together their wedding plans now.

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