July Recall Roundup – Twist’n Explode

In this month’s Recall Roundup: electronics short out and catch fire, little girls’ aqua shoes don’t grip as well as one might think,  digital camera battery packs bite back, and someone thought that “Twist’n Sparkle” was a good product name. More like “Twist’n Explode.”

Thomas Lighting ceiling fixtures – fire and electric shock hazard
Bel Air outdoor wall mount lanterns – fire, burn, and shock hazard
EDIC Air movers/blowers – overheating/fire hazard
Big Lots portable ceramic space heaters – overheating/fire/electric shock hazard
Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing System – May shatter toilet tank
Samuel Lawrence sleigh bed frames – headboard or footboard may detach; fall hazard
IKEA 365 + SÄNDA track lighting – electric shock hazard
Watkins Manufacturing Hot Tubs – fire hazard
Harbor Breeze Bath Fans (Lowe’s) – fire hazard
Bath Petals Inc. Soy Candles – fire and laceration hazard
Twist’n Sparkle Home Beverage Carbonation System – Bottles may explode
Family Dollar multi-colored Mini Lights – fire and electric shock hazard
Molenaar Folding Step Stools – fall hazard

Sports and Outdoors
Currie Technologies adult tricycles – rear wheel may detach; fall hazard
Catbike Musashi recumbent bicycle – frame may crack

Nikon digital SLR camera battery packs – burn hazard

Babies and Kids
PajamaGram Children’s Pajamas – do not meet federal flammability standard
Ishtex Textile Products children’s pajamas – do not meet federal flammability standard
Rigo International Children’s Lounge Pants and Boxers – do not meet federal flammability standard
Discovery Kids Animated Marine and Safari Lamps – fire and burn hazard
Flexible Flyer Swing Sets – see-saw may become unbolted
Chicco Polly High Chairs – Chair pegs may lacerate children
Old Navy Toddler Girl Aqua Socks – lack of traction when wet; slip and fall hazard

Flora Kids Multi-Probiotic – possible Salmonella contamination
Standard Process Cataplex and Pancreatrophin supplements – possible Salmonella contamination

Hornbacher’s and SunnyBrook Peppermint Bon Bon ice cream – undeclared eggs
Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts – undeclared dairy
Romaine lettuce (Vons and Pavilion stores) – possible Salmonella contamination
Andante Dairy cheeses – may not have been properly pasteurized
Mexicali Cheese Corp. products – possible Listeria contamination
Hannaford brand Mini Frosted Cookies – undeclared eggs

Mazuri animal feeds: mouse, guinea pig, primate, maned wolf, and small bird – elevated vitamin D levels
Pedigree Weight Management and Healthy Weight Premium canned dog food – may contain pieces of blue plastic; choking hazard


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  1. Cranky Owl says:

    I used the Twist’n Sparkle thingie for months without anything exploding. I hope they fix whatever was wrong & start selling it again soon, because it’s great for making fizzy water.

    Amazon not only refunded me the $$ I spent on the Twist’n Sparkle itself, but also everything I spent on the cartridges from day 1, which I’m pretty sure they didn’t have to do.

  2. Laura Northrup says:

    I’m waiting for someone to ask me for a picture of my pet maned wolf.

  3. awesome anna says:

    My sister has those aqua shoes from Old Navy and the first time the 2 yr old wore them around the pool she slipped every third step, good thing she’s still in diapers! But my sister already thought they were a piece of junk. Hopefully she still has them so she can take em back!

    • Free Legal Advice! says:

      Those aqua shoes are really cute! Too bad about the complete lack of usabilty.

      • awesome anna says:

        For real. The minute she got out of the pool to walk around , boom she fell, got up tried to walk, boom down again. It would have been safer to have her barefoot.

  4. ColoradoShark says:

    Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing System – May shatter toilet tank

    So, it wasn’t the bad tacos I had for dinner last night!

  5. PragmaticGuy says:

    Who here doesn’t think a BATH FAN would be a fire hazard. And what yokel at Lowe’s thought it was ok.

  6. IraAntelope says:

    why would any fool expect that any parent would want flamable pajamas for a child?

  7. DarkPsion says:

    I used to work at hardware store that sold all kinds of feed.

    I still remember the first time I heard them call out two bags of “Monkey Chow”.