Digging Around In Attic Unearths $3M In Rare 1910 Baseball Cards

It’s one thing when you know for certain that your carefully curated collection could be worth a lot of money, but what we all really dream about is that elusive surprise find hiding right under our noses. An Ohio man was rummaging around in a box from his grandfather’s attic when he dug up just such a rare score — a collection of baseball cards from 1910 that could be worth millions.

According to the Associated Press, Karl picked up hundreds of baseball cards bundled with twine, and noticed something was off. They were much smaller than the cards he was used to seeing, but he knew the names on them — heck, we all do: Hall of Famers Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Honus Wagner.

He put the box aside and kept sorting through the attic. Cut to two weeks later when he found out that what he had could be one of the most wonderfully awesome and exciting and super cool finds in the entire history of sports card collecting, to put it lightly.

Apparently the cards are part of an extremely rare series issued around 1910, with only a few known to exist in not so great condition, until now. But Karl’s find has cards in almost perfect condition, sitting around without human hands to sully them for a century.

“It’s like finding the Mona Lisa in the attic,” Karl said. He and his family say their grandfather died in the 1940s, after running a meat market in the town of Defiance. They guess that he received the cards as a promotional item from a candy company that distributed caramels with them. He likely gave some away and kept others.

“We guess he stuck them in the attic and forgot about them,” Karl said. “They remained there frozen in time.”

Sports card experts have already authenticated the collection and says the find is monumental in importance, with one saying “Every future find will ultimately be compared to this.”

The 37 best cards are expected to bring about $500,000 at auction in August during the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore. The other 700 cards could total up to around $3 million.

Check out the source link below for more details on the journey of these super impressive cards, and start making plans for attic and basement crusades for your own score.

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