Family Finds 7 Rare Ty Cobb Baseball Cards Hanging Out In A Crumpled Paper Bag

Image courtesy of Professional Sports Authenticator

If I hadn’t already insisted on going through everything in my parents’ attic and basement back at home, I’d be calling them to search thoroughly right now, just in case there are any million-dollar baseball card collections hiding amid the dust*. To wit: the family of a deceased man found seven rare Ty Cobb baseball cards likely worth more than $1 million sitting in a crumpled paper bag in dilapidated home’s attic

Card experts in California said they’ve verified the legitimacy of the seven identical Cobb cards, which date back to a printing period of 1909 to 1911. Only 15 were known to still exist before this big haul.

“I am not sure if any other baseball card find is more remarkable than this new discovery,” Joe Orlando, president of Professional Sports Authenticator, said in a statement (via The Associated Press), calling the find “spectacular” and “miraculous.”

A publicist said the family wishes to remain anonymous, saying only that they’re from the a southern state, and found the cards at the house of a deceased great-grandfather. They first took the cards to a dealer in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Though experts were dubious at first, Orlando says his office and outside expert examined the cards and now believe they are the real deal.

The collection is likely worth more than a million dollars, Orlando says, though it’s unclear if the family is planning to sell their big find.

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