La-Z-Boy: Don’t Clean Your Leather Chair With That Leather Chair Cleaning Kit We Gave You

When Stephen bought a pricey La-Z-Boy recliner, the salesperson handed him a leather care kit along with the warranty information. When the color of the chair arms began to fade, he tried using that kit, which removed the leather’s color entirely. When he contacted La-Z-Boy, he learned that the kit was more useful for wrecking leather than caring for it, and that he never should have used it in the first place. When he tried to make a warranty claim for the fading color on his chair’s arms, La-Z-Boy blamed the OP, telling him that he lost any chance at a warranty claim by putting his hands on the arms of his recliner. What?

I bought this recliner, from La-z-boy. It was leather, and it was
expensive. After completing the sale the sales agent gave us a sheet
with the warranty, and a kit to be used to keep the leather soft,
clean and in good condition.

After about a year the color of leather started to fad. No problem,
though I, I’ll just use the handy dandy kit the store provided to buff
it up. I read the directions carefully, and started to buff up the
arms of my chair. To my horror the color came totally off the arms,
onto the cloth. I called the store and said I was having some
problems, and the first thing they suggested is don’t use the kit we
gave you – it will ruin your chair. Well, I asked, why give it to me
then. They really could not come up with a reason, except it was

So I asked for a repair under warranty. They came, looked at the
chair, and said, yup the colors gone, but that’s ’cause you put your
hands there. It’s the arm of a chair. I do. That’s what it’s for.
Well, yes, but not for a warranty item. Then they said they would
think about it. They then came back and said, no there are no other
complaints about the color coming off their leather furniture. I
really couldn’t prove or disprove them. Then, visiting a friend I
brought up the subject. They had a La-z boy couch. They too had the
color coming off, onto their clothing, the same issue. I warned them
not to use the cleaning kit supplied! I then wrote the CEO. It took
better than ten weeks, but I finally got a reply, telling me politely
to get stuffed. I might still go to court, but for sure I’ll never buy
another La-z-boy prod

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to not hand out the kits in the first place? But when Stephen has taken his case to the top and failed, small claims court is an option.

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